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Answered Prayers

“To what do you attribute your son’s survival?”
“The only way I can explain it is God.” I answered.
Any parent facing a similar situation would do anything for their child to survive. If there was a button I could have pressed that would make everything better, I would have pressed it. Doctors could not heal our son. There was no drug to cure his diagnosis. A ventilator was used to help him breath but there was no quick fix to wean him off the machine.
One day his oxygen level dropped fourteen times. We were being told his lungs just weren’t able to keep up. The situation seemed dire. I excused myself from the Neo-Natal Intensive Care unit and went into the hallway. I made one call to activate the prayer chain at church. Shortly after my call, a new respiratory therapist came to Samuel’s crib. She suctioned him. Nothing. She tried again when “something” broke loose. There was a mucus plug blocking the tube in Samuel’s throat which helped him to breathe. Soon after, his oxygen level rose to an acceptable level. The crisis was over. I thanked God.
I pray over Samuel every morning and every night to this day. It doesn’t mean each day is going to go perfectly but I am comforted in knowing that God hears our prayers. A dear friend gave me a verse when Samuel was in the hospital. “He gently leads those who have young.” Isaiah 40:11. I treasure that passage.
Two years ago, Samuel passed out when he was receiving therapy. An ambulance was called while my husband and I worked to clear his airway. I quickly prayed, “Dear Lord, help us”. I was holding my breath while I was waiting to see my son breathe. On our second attempt, Samuel started to cry. At least he was breathing, Praise God. The ambulance transported us to the hospital. The doctor determined that Samuel wasn’t breathing correctly. She decided to put Albuterol directly down his tracheostomy tube. It was a risk, but it worked. Thankfully, we were able to take our son home that night. He had no ill effects from the episode.
I love our son dearly. I know his times are in God’s hands. I cherish every moment. With each smile, my world stands still and explodes with joy. And so, I continue to pray.