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Wrongful Birth Suits

I heard about wrongful birth for the first time several years ago in a case in Tampa where the parents sued their genetic councelor.


Today, I read about another Wrongful Birth Suit. The couple are suing because the genetic counselor did not tell them that there was a possibility that their child could have downs syndrome. See story below.


We met with a genetic counselor when I was pregnant with Samuel. He was clear that our son may have a lethal form of dwarfism. In the end, it turned out he was right. But God. (One of my favorite two word sentences!) But God had other plans for our son who is now six-years-old.

Would Samuel be healthy if our genetic counselor was wrong? Our life would be different if that were the case. As it is, I am a special needs mom who delights in the joys of raising our precious son. I understand that these parents are suing for monies that would help them to pay for raising their special needs child. We were blessed to have outstanding health insurance at the time of Samuel’s birth. While I do not agree that a lawsuit is the right answer, what is?   How do we come along side families who have special needs children? One possibility is a ministry where members share the cost of each others healthcare. Mike Huckabee spoke to the executive director of Christian Health Ministries to explain how the program works.


Could this help families who have special needs children? What are your thoughts?