My name is Evelyn Mann. I live in Lutz, Florida just north of Tampa with my husband Ralph. I am a special needs mom to our eight-year-old son. Our son is a survivor of a lethal form of dwarfism called Thanatophoric Dysplasia Dwarfism.

-Our son’s story was published by Catholic News Agency in January of 2009.


-The Catholic News Agency also created a You Tube video in January 2009.


-Spirit FM 90.5 aired Samuel’s story on the radio. November 2009.

-Independent Living Pediatric Therapy Services published an article I authored called Special Needs Awareness in their February 2012 newsletter.


-Small Talk Magazine will publish the Special Needs Awareness article in their next issue. The magazine is published in New Zealand. www.smalltalk-magazine.com

-The JoyFM (Tampa Market) published the article called “God’s Alternate Construction” on their website on July 18, 2013. http://florida.thejoyfm.com/directory/article/gods-alternate-construction.html

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