The Writing Journey

I hope you have been enjoying my past posts. This blog is a part of a seed which was planted in me as a child. I worked on the high school newspaper and wrote travel articles in my teens. I knew then I wanted to write a book but felt I did not have any life history to share even though I spent eighteen years living on a sailboat. As a young adult, I spent my 20’s discovering my place in the world. My 30’s were spent discovering my relationship with God. I married in my late 30’s.

By my 40th birthday, I was pregnant and on bed rest in the hospital. My son was born on August 2nd, 2005. This was the day a miracle was born. Samuel was really critical in the beginning and we were told to count his days in terms of months, not years. Next week, our son will turn seven years old. Miracles do happen!

This past January, I started to write “A Miracle in My Living Room”. I now feel I have a story to tell. Along with writing my memoir, I started this blog. I also have the privilege to guest post on Mary DeMuth’s website (See post of July 27, 2012). To read my post:
I am excited to see what God has for me on this journey. My hope is to bring you along with me.

Feel free to share your writing journey.

3 thoughts on “The Writing Journey

  1. That was an excellent post today. You make it look so easy. Thanks so much for sharing it. I really enjoyed reading it very much. You have a wonderful day!

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  2. Hello, ive been reading your posts for a while now, my wife and I have been given hope because of sammuel our baby is 2 weeks old and has thanatophoric dysplasia the doctors keep telling us to give to but we don’t want to he has been a fighter, our son is on a cpap should we do the ventilator?

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